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A Blog on Latest Trends Impacting Marketing and Higher Education
from the Founding Director of UPCEA's Center for Research and Strategy, Jim Fong

New Study: Third-Party Providers and PCO Units

October 20, 2022

UPCEA recently collaborated with ed2go on research related to professional, continuing, and online (PCO) education units’ relationships with third-party providers. This study, Perceptions of Third-Party Providers as a Result of the Pandemic, found that PCO units often sought assistance from third-party providers to help expand bandwidth to support existing students, diversify their portfolios, and continually…

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Innovating Off the Degree Backbone

July 22, 2022

The National Student Clearinghouse continues to report sobering statistics on higher education enrollments[i].  Their Spring 2022 report shows that undergraduate enrollment fell by 662,698, as compared to the prior year.  In addition, spring graduate enrollments were relatively flat, but still falling by 22,337.  With the predicted demographic cliff looming nearby, a decade of tuition increases…

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Unique biweekly insights and news review from Ray Schroeder, Senior Fellow at UPCEA

Time to Consider Your Social Media Options

November 28, 2022

As higher ed professionals, this is a good time to re-think our social platforms. As of this writing, the future of Twitter is unclear. Elon Musk has taken over the helm with policies and practices that are prompting massive layoffs and resignations that have threatened the regular operation of the social media tool. Some experts…

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Universities Looking Beyond the Traditional For-Credit Semester Experiences

November 17, 2022

A survey shows that nearly half of said they chose their college on the basis of potential career prospects, only 11% felt prepared to enter the workforce. Salesforce’s third annual Connected Student Report, released last month, identifies some serious shortcomings perceived by college and university students. While nearly half of the 1,300 students surveyed said they chose…

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Your one-stop shop for the latest Association happenings, policy updates, plus thoughts from the desk of CEO Bob Hansen.

More Than 90 Percent of Institutions Offer Alternative Credentials (Campus Technology)

Millennial students seem to prefer badging and certificate programs to traditional bachelor’s degrees, according to a new study from University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA), Pennsylvania State University and Pearson that explored the role that alternative credentials play in higher education. Read the full story.


Pioneering Study Reveals More Than 90 Percent of Colleges and Universities Embrace Alternative Credentials

WASHINGTON, D.C. – June 28, 2016 – A study released today by UPCEA (the University Professional and Continuing Education Association), Penn State and Pearson, at the UPCEA and the American Council on Education (ACE) Summit for Online Leadership in Washington, D.C., found widespread acceptance and use of alternative credentialing programs at American colleges and universities….


I waited until I was 30 to go to college. Best decision ever. (The Washington Post)

Technically, being a nontraditional student isn’t all that nontraditional. The National Center for Education Statistics has delineated seven characteristics of nontraditional students, including delayed enrollment, full-time employment and supporting a dependent; NCES posits that 75 percent of all students have at least one of these characteristics. In 2011, 40 percent of American college students were…


ED Issues Proposed Rules on Borrower Defense to Repayment

The Department of Education has released proposed regulations on Borrower Defense to Repayment, a mechanism which would allow any student who believe they were defrauded at their school or the school violated state law, to file a claim with the Department of Education for discharging their loans. These proposed rules have come from the Department…


Musings on trends and updates from UPCEA CEO Bob Hansen.

Apply now for free enrollment in January 2022 PCO Pro courses

November 11, 2021

I’m pleased to share with you a special offer for UPCEA members: a complimentary opportunity for you and your colleagues to join us for an UPCEA professional development course. Our professional development courses and certificates have been enthusiastically endorsed and highly rated by participants. Students have appreciated the opportunity to learn from leaders in the…

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UPCEA Seeks Part-Time Data Analyst to Join Center for Research and Strategy Team

September 24, 2021

UPCEA is currently seeking a part-time Data Analyst for a fully remote position with our Center for Research and Strategy team.   The Data Analyst is responsible for collecting, analyzing, and transforming data into actionable insights on various projects for UPCEA. Role responsibilities include identifying, gathering, and analyzing data to produce understandable and insightful figures and…

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Valuable insights from UPCEA's trusted corporate partners.

Making the Case: Marketing to Adult Learners with Data

December 1, 2022

With enrollments declining and as a tight labor market reaches record-low unemployment,, marketers and recruiters in higher education now face the difficult task of finding new students in a uniquely challenging time for colleges and universities. One potential source of those new students? Adult learners. Moving Up and Moving Forward, a new research report from Lightcast, uses analysis…

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SEO & Digital Advertising: Jet Fuel for Your Higher Education Marketing Strategy

October 28, 2022

If you were asked what digital channels facilitate your most qualified prospects’ journey to inquiry or application, would you know the answer? It’s no secret that in the last three years, demand for online education has skyrocketed, while the demographics of Professional, Continuing and Online (PCO) education units’ students have evolved. Facilitated by the Great…

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