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  • Active Engagement Improves Online Instruction During COVID-19 - Dian Schaffhauser, Campus Technology
    According to the results, when an instructor had prior online teaching experience, student scores were significantly higher overall. Students in classes with peer interactions earned scores that were similar to those earned by students in other classes and incrementally higher when the material was taught remotely. The use of polling didn't seem to have any […]
  • Improving the student experience means ‘meeting our students where they are’ - Dennis Pierce, eCampus News
    As CIO of the University of Massachusetts, Boston, Raymond Lefebvre sees a key function of his job as “providing enhanced experiences using innovative technologies and approaches.” In today’s hyper-competitive higher-education landscape, the ability to recruit and retain students and faculty is critical — and providing a seamless, high-quality campus experience is fundamental to meeting this goal. […]
  • Hosting Class 'Afterparties' on Zoom -- and Other New Ways to Reach Students - Jeffrey R. Young, EdSurge
    Professors are still struggling to adapt to the new realities of teaching during a pandemic. And even experts who focus on improving instruction are having to get creative to find approaches that work. That’s the case for Bonni Stachowiak, dean of teaching and learning at Vanguard University and host of the long-running Teaching In Higher Education […]
  • How Blockchain Can Streamline Recordkeeping at Universities - Chelsea Toczauer, Online Universities
    There is also the consideration of whether blockchain technology could, in turn, further accelerate a transition to alternative college business models as a result of the continued persistence of the pandemic as vaccine development and rollout remains in testing. The big difference with blockchain dissemination of credentials is the student owns it, Ray Schroeder explains. “You of […]
  • Spring break 2021 on the chopping block in New York - CBS News
    First colleges cancelled fall break, now spring break is on the chopping block, writes Carolyn Gusoff for CBS News, as many universities in New York are altering the spring calendar to discourage travel and the chances of COVID-19 spread. Among them is Hofstra University. “We felt building in a break where students leave and travel increased […]
  • Majority of Students in Germany Satisfied With Transition to Online Learning - ERUDERA COLLEGE NEWS
    A study conducted by the German Center for University and Science Research (DZHW) has revealed that most of the students in Germany are satisfied switching to digital semester amid the Corona pandemic. According to the study, 86 per cent of students did not face any challenges at all while using the online courses, whereas 78 per […]
  • Tech and PD are key to remote learning success - HOWIE BERMAN, eCampus News
    Academic institutions across the U.S. have resumed the fall semester, with many choosing to continue offering instruction in virtual or hybrid environments. While educators pivoted and quickly adjusted to virtual learning environments at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the transition was not without its challenges. In March, 41 percent of school districts reported they could […]
  • Will federal relief for colleges come before more budget cuts do? - Daniel C. Vock, Education Dive
     Congress is not expected to agree on another relief bill until after election results are confirmed, at the earliest. Higher education groups, meanwhile, have continued to press lawmakers for more money for the sector, with their latest ask at $120 billion or more. The stalled negotiations in Washington are significant, experts say, because, unlike in […]
  • Podcast Bonus: How the Pandemic Gave IT a Seat at the Table - Rhea Kelly, Campus Technology
    I wanted to share the conversation I had with university CIOs Jill Albin-Hill and Paige Francis, from the summit session titled "How the Pandemic Gave IT a Seat at the Table." They talked about the role of IT in pandemic response planning, and how they've been able to fast-track IT projects, provide critical solutions to […]
  • 6 skills employees will need in the post-pandemic workplace - Gwen Moran, Fast Company
    Gartner data found that the number of skills required for a single job was increasing by 10% per year. And one-third of the skills listed in an average 2017 job posting would not be relevant by 2021. Gartner also found that role-based skills planning wasn’t helping organizations develop the right employee skill sets. Grouping unrelated […]
  • Students and faculty reflect on positives to virtual learning - ALEX WOODS, Brown and White, Lehigh
    Following Lehigh’s temporary campus shut down due to an increase in COVID-19 cases, every student had to continue their education online, not just students who opted to take classes fully remotely before the semester started. While students and faculty face many challenges through remote learning and teaching, there have been some positive aspects, too.
  • Translating dyslexia support to distance learning a challenge, but not impossible - Shawna De La Rosa, Education Dive
    Dyslexia interventions can be replicated virtually with online sensory tools and assistive technology, District Administration reports, noting applications that allow for interactive learning also help students engage in distance learning environments. Zoom, for example, has annotation tools that give students interactive capabilities, and using them to highlight, underline, and draw symbols can help students break down […]
  • 7 charts that give a snapshot of college enrollment this fall - Hallie Busta, Education Dive
    The pandemic's impact on higher education is expected to linger. Potentially lower enrollment levels this year could play a role, but colleges aren't experiencing that trend equally. For instance, while fewer students overall than a year ago went to public and private nonprofit colleges this fall, for-profits' enrollment is growing. Primarily online institutions also reported gains. The following […]
  • Using Data and Analytics for Student Success - Brian Davis, et al; EDUCAUSE Review
    One of the most powerful tools that technology provides on the path to student success is data and analytics. Data allows institutions to better understand students, rethink systems, and create early-alert mechanisms to help students complete their degree. But finding the best way to use data and analytics can be tricky.
  • How wearable trackers help with contact tracing - BILL STEINIKE,eCampus News
    As schools, colleges and universities navigate the new school year, teachers and administrators will be serving on the front lines of public health efforts to keep kids and communities safe from COVID-19 outbreaks. To do that, educators will need to do two things that public health officials struggle to do even when working with adults: […]
  • The Power of Peer Interaction - Colleen Flaherty, Inside Higher Ed
    Professors’ use of active learning methods mitigated some of this negative effect, however. The findings leave the study’s authors “optimistic” about future student learning outcomes, even as “we remain in a period of substantial online instruction.” “Online teaching experience seems to matter, and during Spring 2020 most college faculty accumulated substantial experience,” the researchers wrote […]
  • College Students Face Fear Of The Future As Online Learning Continues - Heather Janssen, CBS Sacramento
    “For us, we’ve had to change everything,” said Zena Lababidi. She’s pre-med and has had to take labs online, which is something she’d much rather do hands-on and in-person with the rest of her class. UC Davis said they’ve been providing their students with materials to perform the labs at home, but Lababidi still has fears […]
  • Beating the Online Learning Blues - Hansa Bhargava, Web MD
    I “attended” an educational conference this weekend -- virtually, of course, due to the pandemic. I was online all day on Saturday and Sunday. By the end of each day, I was totally exhausted. The teaching was excellent, but constantly paying attention to a screen was difficult, as was completing all of the online assignments […]
  • Artificial Intelligence Will Change How We Think About Leadership - Knowledge at Wharton
    While AI today is good at repetitive tasks and can replace many managerial functions, it could over time acquire the “general intelligence” that humans have, he said in a recent interview with AI for Business (AIB), a new initiative at Analytics at Wharton. Headed by Wharton operations, information and decisions professor Kartik Hosanagar, AIB is […]
  • How higher education is creating smarter, more connected campuses - University Business
    A new survey developed in partnership between CommScope and University Business (UB) asked higher education leaders about how they are using Smart Campus technologies, including ubiquitous wi-fi internet access, smart facilities, mobile technologies and more. The survey was deployed to the UB audience in October 2020 and some 253 higher education leaders participated.

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