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Stay ahead of the rapidly changing and pressing issues in our field with timely and topical publications and resources. UPCEA's industry-leading benchmarking and research studies, Snap Poll Results, conference presentations, industry expert blogs and more comprise a wealth of knowledge and first-hand expertise to help the higher education community succeed in professional, continuing, and online (PCO) education.

This guide will navigate you through some of UPCEA's more recent materials on key topics in PCO. For a deeper dive into our resources, members may visit the member discussion and resources library, CORe, at any time. Not a member? Join us today!

UPCEA's industry experts produce key studies focused on the most pressing topics in PCO today, including alternative credentials, learner retention, understanding today's students, and more.

UPCEA member surveys produce real-time results. Learn what your colleagues are saying about specific topics that affect us all, including online degree program fees, alternative credentials, students services, and more. 

Hallmarks of Excellence

Hallmarks of Excellence

These quality frameworks have been endorsed and used by countless organizations and institutions as they evaluate, enhance, and sometimes even build professional, continuing, and online enterprises.

A Blog on Latest Trends Impacting Marketing and Higher Education from UPCEA's Chief Research Officer, Jim Fong.

Daily update of news, research, and trends brought to you by Ray Schroeder UPCEA's Senior Fellow, Ray Schroeder. Ray is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading experts in online education.

Did you miss any of the latest UPCEA webinars? Watch the recordings at your convenience right here. More than 100 to choose from!

You'll find a wealth of knowledge, information and insights in these expert presentations curated from UPCEA conferences.

Unbound: Reinventing Higher Education is an online journal, UPCEA Weekly Update and Membership Matters newsletters.

These collaborations and connections include deep dive reports co-produced by UPCEA and other key PCO organizations including National Council for Online Education, Lumina Foundation, WCET, and others.

UPCEA subject-matter experts are often called upon to present their research findings and insights to our community. Access some of their materials here.

Peruse a library of more than 100 shared presentations, infographics, reports, surveys and more from UPCEA members and colleagues - and share your own resources! This resource is open to all UPCEA members. 

UPCEA Job Board: Connect the right person with the right role for your team. Review available jobs or post a job opening at your organization.


Didn't find what you were looking for? Explore the online member library in CORe, search the discussion platform for specific topics, or simply reach out to your fellow UPCEA members with a question and start a new discussion! Not a member? Join us today!


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