Benchmarking Research & Consulting

The UPCEA Center for Research and Strategy provides industry-wide research for the benefit of all UPCEA members, and offers additional opportunities for contract market research, benchmarking studies, and custom data exploration at member rates far below industry average. Trusted by the top universities in the nation, UPCEA consulting is the best value in the industry today!

The Nation's Top Universities Consult with UPCEA

We know you. We know the challenges you face and we have the solutions you need. We speak your language and have been serving leaders like you for more than 100 years. UPCEA consultants are current or former professional, continuing and online higher education professionals who are experts in the industry—put our expertise to work for you!


The UPCEA Center for Research and Strategy offers a variety of custom research and consulting options through a variable pricing model, and can help you with:

  • Program Portfolio Assessment
  • Market Opportunity Identification and Assessment
  • Enrollment Process Improvement
  • New Program Development Research
  • Occupational Analysis, Trending and Forecasting
  • Local Economic Forecasting
  • Systemwide Asset Mapping of Professional Programs


  • Online Quality at Scale
  • Online Operations
  • Assess Online Operations and Process
  • Alternative Credential Development Research
  • Online Program Evaluation
  • Online Program Administration and Leadership


Data that tells your story.

Whether you need to assess the viability of a new program, find out how you stack up with the competition or would like a program portfolio review, UPCEA can assist with research and data that will help move your unit forward.

Your decisions impact the quality of your operation, as well as the bottom line. We’ll provide data that does more than sit on a page—it’s data that tells the story.


Considering multiple research projects? The Center's Annual Subscription covers up to three major research projects for just $14,900! Call 202-659-3130 or email [email protected] for ad hoc project pricing.

Institutional online needs and capacity.

Now more than ever, postsecondary leaders are considering how online learning complements and extends the reach of colleges and universities.

Our extraordinary team of experts examine your online enterprise from administrative, operational, and strategic perspectives to help you identify the resources necessary to support the complexities of online learning at your institution.


Ready to put UPCEA's expert consultants to work for you in your online initiatives? Call 202-659-3130 or email [email protected] to get started today. 


UPCEA consulting offers the best value in the business, by far.  In addition to Jim Fong and other talented staff with deep experience in the field, UPCEA consultants include many leading deans and chief online learning officers in the field today.


Jim Fong, UPCEA

Lead consultant Jim Fong, the founding director of UPCEA’s Center for Research and Strategy, has extensive background in marketing at Penn State, as well as experience in private industry. Jim brings a rich understanding of the dynamics driving today’s higher education leaders, providing research-driven strategy and positioning. Jim often presents at UPCEA’s regional and national conferences, sharing vital information with attendees.

Explore Jim's blog and recent studies from The Center
Stay up-to-date with the latest in professional, continuing, and online education research and benchmarking. Center Director Jim Fong helps you stay informed and at the forefront of the field though his blog, Benchmark This! The blog features data-driven posts on the latest trends, and the results of the studies The Center conducts each year for the benefit of UPCEA members and others in higher ed.

Need timely and expert advice on issues facing your professional, continuing, or online education unit? UPCEA Center for Research and Strategy may be able to assist. 

Send us an email ([email protected]) or call us at 202-659-3130.


Second Opinion—Free Consulting Service for Members!

Seeking timely, expert advice—or, a "second opinion?" Our lead consultants are available to provide brief, rapid responses for members who have questions about all aspects of professional, continuing, and online education programs and strategy. Members can request a thirty-minute phone consultation free of charge.