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Collaborative Online Relationships (CORe) is a unique community platform where over 15,000 UPCEA members connect with each other for advice and discussions. CORe provides a wealth of networking opportunities and resources to help you grow your professional networks, strengthen your knowledge base, and get real-time answers to the questions that keep you up at night!


Real-time access to over 15,000 UPCEA members


More than 5,000 searchable discussions


Research, conference presentations, videos, webinars 500+ documents

Colleague Connections


Reach out to your colleagues anytime you need advice, sharing of ideas, or just want to expand your network.

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Online Discussions

Search thousands of discussions and participate in the topics most interesting to you.

Some popular discussion topics include:

  • Centralized vs Decentralized internal online services
  • Non-Credit vs. Credit Certificate Programs (alternative credentials)
  • Developing partnership with local businesses (B2B)
  • VA Funding
  • Market research/program planning
  • Digital Badging

Resource Library


With over 1,000 documents, this treasure-trove of resources and information is at your fingertips whenever you need it. 

  • Benchmarking & Research
  • Webinar Recordings & Materials
  • Past Conference Presentations & Recordings
  • UPCEA Hallmarks of Excellence in Credential Innovation  
  • UPCEA Hallmarks of Excellence in Online Leadership  
  • UPCEA Hallmarks of Excellence in Professional & Continuing Education

How to Use CORe


This short, step-by-step video will get you on your way to enjoying real-time discussions with your colleagues and enjoying access to over 1,000 resources in the member library.

You may also download the printed version of the guide.

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