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A Blog on Latest Trends Impacting Marketing and Higher Education
from UPCEA's Chief Research Officer, Jim Fong and Senior Director of Research & Consulting, Bruce Etter

Pruning Programs to Help a Portfolio Bloom

July 10, 2023

On a recent soggy summer day, I sauntered into my yard with a pair of loppers in one hand and my trusty instructor, my phone, in the other. For the first time, I was going to prune our rose bushes. Like many millennials, I consulted the internet prior to embarking on this task to better…

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Turning the Tables: Three Game-Changing Business Strategies for Thriving in Today’s Higher Education Landscape

June 16, 2023

Institutions of higher education are encountering significant threats: The demographic cliff looms, the value perception of a four-year degree is declining along with traditional student enrollments; and the competitive credential-granting landscape is expanding to include business-based learning from entities such as Google and skill and experience-validating credentials from organizations such as The Project Management Institute.…

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Unique biweekly insights and news review from Ray Schroeder, Senior Fellow at UPCEA

The Innovation Continuum: Planning for What Is Next

September 28, 2023

It is human nature to experience a new technology and think that’s the ultimate version of such technologies.  We too often fail to recognize that the latest iteration of a development is only one station along the continuum of developments. We focus on the current hype, which may be accurate for today, but we miss…

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Preparing Students for the AI-Enhanced Workforce

September 18, 2023

Our graduating and certificate-completing students need documented generative AI skills, and they need them now. The common adage repeated again and again is that AI will not take your job; a person with AI skills will replace you. The learners we are teaching this fall who will be entering, re-entering or seeking advancement in the…

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Your one-stop shop for the latest Association happenings, policy updates, plus thoughts from the desk of CEO Bob Hansen.

Gainful Employment and Financial Value Transparency Final Regulations Released – Effective July 1, 2024 | Policy Matters (September 2023)

Major Updates   New Gainful Employment and Financial Value Transparency Final Regulations Released – Effective July 1, 2024 The US Department of Education has released final Gainful Employment and “Financial Value Transparency” regulations. The Gainful Employment (GE) regulations include new and higher bars for career programs and connecting outcomes to programs offered by private for-profit…


Advisory Boards Aid in Alleviating AI Anxiety (Inside Higher Ed)

When it comes to artificial intelligence and higher ed, the excitement and hype are matched by the uncertainties and need for guidance. One solution: creating an AI advisory board that brings together students, faculty and staff for open conversations about the new technology. That was a key idea presented at the University of Central Florida’s…


University of Texas System Bets Big on Microcredentials (Inside Higher Ed)

As the saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas. And now going big applies to microcredentials. The University of Texas System, spanning nine academic campuses with roughly 240,000 students, is expanding its partnership with microcredential provider Coursera. The initiative announced last month is Coursera’s largest, aiming to reach 30,000 students with 35 courses by 2025….


UPCEA’s Research and Consulting Group Grows, Welcomes Stacy Chiaramonte, and Offers Exciting Career Opportunity

UPCEA Research and Consulting is Growing: As a leader in Professional, Continuing, and Online (PCO) education, UPCEA’s Research and Consulting group continues to expand, aligning with the evolving needs of higher education institutions. Our industry experts bring years of experience to provide unparalleled value in the industry. Welcome Stacy Chiaramonte: UPCEA proudly welcomes Stacy Chiaramonte…


Musings on trends and updates from UPCEA CEO Bob Hansen.

2021 Regional Conferences to be Virtual, Free for Members

January 27, 2021

I’m pleased to share with you that UPCEA’s 2021 Regional Conferences this fall will again be completely virtual AND free of charge to our members! I invite you and your teams to connect, network, share and learn with us online in fall 2021. Until then, session recordings, slides, and other materials from the 2020 Regional…

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UPCEA Announces Diversity in Leadership Scholars

August 27, 2020

UPCEA is pleased to announce the inaugural and 2020 cohort of Bethaida “Bea” González Diversity in Leadership Scholars. These 13 individuals are leading this new initiative on behalf of our profession. Representative and diverse leadership is a cornerstone of UPCEA’s Commitment to Diversity and Inclusive Excellence. The goal of the Diversity Scholars program is to…

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Valuable insights from UPCEA's trusted corporate partners.

Forming Strategic Partnerships To Increase Equity in Access to Education

September 28, 2023

Addressing the Digital Divide in the Age of Cybersecurity As technology and the internet continue to reshape modern education, the question of equitable access to these resources becomes more pressing. Educational institutions, governments, and private organizations are working diligently to bridge this digital divide, with cybersecurity emerging as a key concern. Strategic partnerships can play…

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How Rising Professionals Can Obtain Coveted Expertise in Emerging Tech

September 22, 2023

At a time when enterprises are racing to experiment with fast-growing artificial intelligence capabilities, cloud computing is increasingly relied upon for organizations to operate efficiently and connected devices are proliferating at a staggering pace, harnessing emerging technology is becoming a leading priority for companies in all sectors and geographies. That means companies are on the…

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