Marketing & Enrollment Management

Data that tells your story.

Whether you need to assess the viability of a new program, find out how you stack up with the competition or would like a program portfolio review, we can assist with research and data that will help move your unit forward.

Your decisions impact the quality of your operation, as well as the bottom line. We’ll provide data that does more than sit on a page—it’s data that tells the story.

The UPCEA Center for Research and Strategy offers a variety of custom research options through a variable pricing model including:

  • New program feasibility analysis
  • Program portfolio assessment
  • Occupational analysis, trending, and forecasting
  • Competitive impact and analysis
  • Marketing and positioning, including target market definition and brand research
  • New program pricing
  • Organizational structure of the marketing department
  • Enrollment management and process improvement


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Jim Fong, UPCEA

Lead consultant Jim Fong, the founding director of UPCEA’s Center for Research and Strategy, has extensive background in marketing at Penn State, as well as experience in private industry. Jim brings a rich understanding of the dynamics driving today’s higher education leaders, providing research-driven strategy and positioning. Jim often presents at UPCEA’s regional and national conferences, sharing vital information with attendees.

Under the experienced leadership of Jim Fong, the Center for Research and Strategy conducts several studies per year for the benefit of UPCEA members and others in higher ed. Check out the Center's latest research in trending areas like alternative credentials, instructional design, and more. 

Check out Jim's biweekly blog - "Benchmark This!"
Stay up-to-date with the latest in professional, continuing, and online education research and benchmarking with the Benchmark This! posts, also featured in the UPCEA Briefing.

“UPCEA’S Center for Research and Strategy has been instrumental in helping us to launch new programs in the last few years. The Center’s staff combine sound market research techniques with deep understanding of the higher education community. The result is expert advice in areas related to market and program viability.”

Associate Dean, Advanced Academic Programs Krieger School of Arts and Sciences
Johns Hopkins University

New services, flexible pricing options!

The UPCEA Center for Research and Strategy has new pricing and added products to allow you to customize your research investment. Choose one or more of the studies we offer based on your needs and budget, or choose the annual subscription for $14,900.


The Center’s decision-making model assists units with the complex task of prioritizing portfolios.

Units are often faced with difficult decisions: which programs to prioritize and which ones to retire. The Center’s model aligns industry trends, competitor information, and the institution’s enrollment data with existing or proposed program portfolio. The model rates and ranks programs based on trends, opportunities and strengths, and provides unit leaders with data to enhance difficult portfolio discussions.


Environmental scanning is quick and efficient, based on secondary and competitive data.

Using labor forecasts, job board data, demographics and information extracted from competitor websites, we will produce an analysis that helps units assess whether a program decision can be made or whether more in-depth research is needed, such as a feasibility study.


Using both primary and secondary information and research sources, we will conduct a feasibility analysis to assess new program proposals or programs in need of revision.

The feasibility study utilizes information similar to environmental scan, but supplements with end-user or employer surveys, or opinion leader interviews. Opinion leader interviews provide qualitative depth to the new program concept, while end-user or employer surveys can provide more precision or
market size information.


The Center provides a comprehensive market study product to assist in more complex or strategic planning decisions.

Featuring the components of both environmental scanning and feasibility study services, the Center’s market study uses secondary, end-user and employer information to assist in the decision-making process. In addition, when appropriate, the Center also integrates internal member benchmarks into the
process and reviews past program or marketing budget information.

Center for Research and Strategy—Pricing and plans for UPCEA members

Center for Research and Strategy—Pricing and plans for UPCEA members

Prices are for individual services. Annual subscription includes one market study or two feasibility studies, or choose a combination of a portfolio review, environmental scan and feasibility study (survey option only).

Please note: Prices listed are for UPCEA institutional members only. Not a member? Call Kimberly Zaski at 202-400-2569 or email [email protected] for information on rates and packages.