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The future of revenue diversification in higher education: Crucial insights for universities in a post-pandemic world

Financial sustainability is the biggest existential threat facing higher education today. In the United Kingdom, the universities in deficit have almost quintupled in the last five years, from 24 in 2015/16 to 119 in 2018/19. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated this challenge, with London Economics predicting that universities will be hit by a $3bn shortfall this academic year.

In collaboration with HackerU and Emerge Education, Jisc has released a report charting how universities can enhance revenue diversification, by using technology to its best potential. The report shares technology-enabled revenue diversification strategies, and what organizations need to do to make them work. We hope that this report will stimulate thought and debate, and help prepare your university as we move into the post-pandemic world.

Read the full report here.



About HackerU

With over a decade of experience as Israel’s premier, digital skills and cybersecurity education provider, HackerU partners with top-tier academic institutions to offer advanced workforce and professional development programs in digital technology. HackerU’s dedicated Research and Development team ensures all digital and cyber curricula remain relevant to current industry standards and aids students in developing the skillsets they need to acquire life-long careers in the digital workforce. Academic partners capitalize on HackerU’s turnkey programs complete with instructor recruitment and training, comprehensive career assistance, marketing strategy and execution, and customized student success monitoring and reporting.

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HackerU’s overarching mission is to transform diverse groups of global learners from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds and build the world’s Cyber and Digital workforces. Join us as we help close the digital skills gap and prepare learners for jobs of the future.

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