Marketing, Enrollment, and Student Success Network

The Marketing, Enrollment and Student Success Network (MESS) engages members in actively building the competencies, skills, and confidence needed by today’s professionals to successfully attract and retain students in an ever-changing and increasingly competitive adult, professional, continuing, and online education marketplace. The Network focuses both on powerful fundamentals and on new and emerging marketing, enrollment, and services practices that come from both inside and outside higher education. As a result, MESS members are recognized and valued for the critical role they play in their institutions’ success.

The MESS Network fosters a community where professionals at all levels can build their expertise and their leadership skills by learning from industry experts and from each other, and where the success of its members is celebrated and shared broadly. Members will also find cutting edge programming in the highly successful annual MEMS conference.

Who Should Join?

The MESS Network serves all sorts of professionals, and the following individuals may find value in the conversations and connections:

  • Directors of Marketing
  • Enrollment Managers
  • Recruitment Coordinators
  • Student Services Professionals
  • Chief Online Learning Officers
  • Deans 
  • Provosts
  • Administrators
  • Directors
  • Managers
  • Program Coordinators
  • Vice Presidents
  • ...and all other interested UPCEA Members!

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UPCEA Dorothy Durkin Award For Strategic Innovation In Marketing and/or Enrollment Management

The Dorothy Durkin Strategic Innovation Award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated achievement in strategic planning, marketing innovation, and/or enrollment management that has been used to position or reposition an institution of higher learning, to increase enrollment numbers, to improve or diversify the applicant pool, or to develop new educational products and services that meet the demands of the evolving marketplace.

Nominees must exhibit a keen understanding of trends in employment and education, and must be both creative and strategic thinkers who are able to advance an institution or a program through the development and execution of innovative marketing and/or enrollment management plans.

Dorothy Durkin transformed the NYU School of Professional Studies over the course of a 40-year career focused on staying ahead of the curve in advertising, data-driven decision-making, and student relationship management. Coaching and mentoring was important to her, as were the relationships she fostered through UPCEA. Her definition of success included commitment to integrating creativity, research, sound business practices, and student success.

UPCEA Excellence In Advancing Student Success Award 

UPCEA recognizes student success is paramount to the mission of every institution of higher education. Professional, continuing, and/or online education units realize they must provide strategic and cross-functional projects, initiatives, and services that maximize success of the adult or non-traditional student. To that end, UPCEA aims to play an active role in preparing members for advancing the success of students in both credit and non-credit programs by acknowledging best practices and initiatives that “move the needle” in the advancement of student success.

This award is aligned with the Marketing, Enrollment, and Student Success Network which engages members in actively building the competencies, skills, and confidences needed to attract and retain students in a changing and competitive marketplace. The award recognizes an institution that has implemented a successful strategic initiative, project, or service that has resulted in significantly advancing the success of adult and/or non-traditional student audiences.

UPCEA Marketing and Enrollment Management Awards

UPCEA’s Marketing, Enrollment, and Student Success Network sponsors annual competitions to recognize the best marketing practices and promotional pieces, as well as enrollment excellence, in the field of professional, continuing, and online education.

Attend Network Events

The MESS Network curates webinars and coffee chats throughout the year, on a number of topics related to the work of the Network, as well as helping develop content for the MEMS Conference. Check out the events pages linked below and keep an eye out for our upcoming events.

Today, the field of professional, continuing, online education is characterized by engagement in very complex, highly specialized areas of practice. UPCEA’s eight Networks are designed to serve professionals practicing in the key areas that define this vibrant and growing sector of higher education.

Networks are open to any UPCEA Member. Members can join any one (or multiple) of these networks by logging in to their profile, going down to My Networks + Committees then click "Browse Networks + Committees". Select the network you would like to join, and click "Join this Network/Committee".

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UPCEA Network Leadership is composed of UPCEA members who serve in these roles. Below you can find a current listing of this year's network leadership team. To learn more about becoming a volunteer, click here.


Leadership Team

Chelsea McNeely


Southeast Missouri State University
[email protected]

Karina Kogan


[email protected]

Marleigh Perez


Oregon State University
[email protected]

Lakitia Avery


Kent State University
[email protected]

Tanya Vincent


Western Kentucky University
[email protected]

Colleen Whitman


University of Arkansas
[email protected]

Whitnie Powell


Indiana University
[email protected]

Graham Tutti


Traction Rec for Education
[email protected]

Anca Matcovschi


Caleb Simmons


The University of Arizona
[email protected]

Cassandra Sherrill


North Carolina A&T State University
[email protected]

Justin Smith


St. Louis University
[email protected]


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Professional development isn't just about attending sessions. Get involved with UPCEA to meet members from other institutions, share the great work your institution is doing, and hone your own skills. From submitting a session proposal for a conference or an article for a publication to serving as a volunteer on a conference planning committee, there are as many ways to engage with us!


Awards of Excellence

Since 1953, UPCEA has recognized its members' outstanding contributions to the Association and the field, as well as their achievements in innovative programming, marketing and promotion, community development and services, research and publications, and many other areas.