Conferences and Seminars

JUNE 14-16, 2017

2017 Summit for Online Leadership

 San Diego, CA

The Summit for Online Leadership convenes key campus leaders – presidents, provosts, deans, and teams directly engaged in the management and delivery of online programs – to define and develop their institutional strategy for online learning.  Attendees of the Summit focus on groundbreaking models of successful leadership development, enabling professionals to foster a culture of innovation, creativity and curiosity throughout their organizations.

The Summit is designed to help directors, deans, and other senior leaders in the field embrace these challenges while working to enhance the future of our profession.

JUNE 14, 2017

2017 Online Leadership Roundtable

San Diego, CA

The annual meeting of the Online Leadership Roundtable will be held in conjunction with the Summit for Online Leadership again in 2017. The Online Leadership Roundtable is the body for senior leaders responsible for leveraging the strategic potential of online learning to transform our institutions and our society. The Roundtable meets annually as a forum to discuss issues related to leadership, strategy, management, and public policy.

SEPTEMBER 25-27, 2017

2017 West Region Conference

 Seattle, WA


OCTOBER 4-6, 2017

2017 Mid-Atlantic Region Conference

 New Brunswick, NJ


OCTOBER 11-13, 2017

2017 South Region Conference

 Richmond, VA


OCTOBER 18-20, 2017

2017 Central Region Conference

 Detroit, MI


OCTOBER 25-27, 2017

2017 New England Region Conference

 Portland, ME


DECEMBER 5-7, 2017

26th Annual Marketing and Enrollment Management Seminar

 Washington, DC
MARCH 14-16, 2018

2018 UPCEA Annual Conference

MARCH 27-29, 2019

2019 UPCEA Annual Conference


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Past Events

MARCH 22-24, 2017

102nd UPCEA Annual Conference

Chicago, IL

The UPCEA Annual Conference is the most significant assembly of thought leaders and practitioners today in the field of professional, continuing, and online education. The 2017 Annual Conference took place March 22-24 in Chicago with engaging keynote speakers, high-energy concurrent sessions, and plentiful networking opportunities.

The Annual Conference convenes deans and other senior university leaders, key staff, and teams responsible for the management, administration, and growth of professional, continuing, and online education programs. Attendees have access to targeted sessions spanning the top areas of practice in our field (aligned with UPCEA's seven professional Networks), led by higher education experts and colleagues.

NOVEMBER 8-10, 2016

25th Annual Marketing and Enrollment Management Seminar

 West Palm Beach, FL

The annual UPCEA Marketing and Enrollment Management Seminar is the premier event for leaders and practitioners responsible for professional, continuing, and online education marketing and enrollment management at colleges and universities around the world. For 25 years, the UPCEA seminar has drawn professionals from institutions of all sizes to showcase thought leadership in our field and to explore trends in adult student recruitment and retention. Designed for both senior leaders and practitioners, the seminar offers high level, strategically-focused presentations as well as sessions which spotlight the tactical components of marketing and enrollment management in today’s higher education landscape.

OCTOBER 26-28, 2016

2016 New England Region Conference

 Newport, RI

The 2016 UPCEA New England conference was held in historic Newport, RI, a scenic location that has been welcoming visitors for over 375 years. From the Colonial Era to the American Revolution to the Guilded Age and now today, Newport is an apt representation of the Economy, Progress, Industry, and Creativity necessary to keep this “City by the Sea” thriving. Characterized by those who honored tradition yet sought progress in ideas, industry, and the economy, Newport residents capitalized on emerging opportunities to meet the evolving needs of communities and the success of their people.  Make it EPIC, the theme of the 2016 UPCEA New England conference, focused on creating intentional and strategic opportunities to serve contemporary learners who must compete in an ever-changing, global knowledge economy.

OCTOBER 17-19, 2016

2016 Central Region Conference

 Indianapolis, IN

Reflecting the need for continuing education professionals to connect with their profession, connect with each other, connect with relevant content and best practices, connect new information with their campuses through practical application, help students connect with their institutions, connect in meaningful ways with current and future students, connect with one another, and connect with UPCEA, the theme for the 2016 Central Region conference was Making Connections in Continuing, Professional, and Online Education.

OCTOBER 13-15, 2016

2016 South Region Conference

 Dallas, TX

The 2016 UPCEA South conference provided invaluable networking and learning opportunities!  Colleagues from all across the region joined together in Dallas to Think BIG: Building Innovation and Growth in Higher Education.

OCTOBER 5-7, 2016

2016 Mid-Atlantic Region Conference

 Annapolis, MD

The theme of the 2016 UPCEA Mid-Atlantic conference was “Scanning the Horizon: Opportunities for Discovery in Continuing, Professional, and Online Education”, reflecting the challenges faced by contemporary continuing, professional, and online education units as we seek to innovate and grow. As we look inward to determine how best to develop the next generations of leaders in higher education, we also look outward to explore how we can best serve our communities and stakeholders in the face of continued economic, political, social, and cultural pressures. The 2016 Mid-Atlantic regional conference was designed to provide practical models for success as continuing, professional, and online education units scan the horizon for new opportunities to innovate, develop, and grow, as we also learn from our past experiences. 

SEPTEMBER 28-30, 2016

2016 West Region Conference

 Albuquerque, NM

The 2016 West Region conference planning committee fired up the burners and took the UPCEA 2016 West Region Conference to a new height!

In 2016, the professional, continuing and online education field was poised to be a strategic player in addressing key issues rising to the top of a national discourse around the future of higher education:  access, affordability, flexibility, accountability driven by data, alignment with industry-recognized competencies and more.

The conference helped teach colleagues about the amazing work you, our members, have done and the lessons learned along the way.

JUNE 27-29, 2016

2016 Summit for Online Leadership

 Washington, DC

UPCEA and the American Council on Education (ACE) co-hosted the 2016 Summit for Online Leadership. This event addressed such timely topics as emerging technology and design, marketing and student success, leadership and strategy, and program innovation. The 2016 Summit convened key campus leaders – presidents, provosts, deans, and teams directly engaged in the management and delivery of online programs – to define and develop their institutional strategy for online learning.

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Awards of Excellence

Since 1953, UPCEA has recognized its members' outstanding contributions to the Association and the field, as well as their achievements in innovative programming, marketing and promotion, community development and services, research and publications, and many other areas.