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Unique biweekly insights and news review from Ray Schroeder, Senior Fellow at UPCEA.

Planning in a Time of Change

July 9, 2018

Online: Trending Now #136 How can we effectively plan for our online programs in this environment?  This is an unprecedented time in higher education. We are facing rapid change in nearly all facets of our programs. Federal and state support is diminishing; employers in many fields are turning entry-level jobs over to artificial intelligence rather than…

Giving a Voice to Thoughts

July 2, 2018

Online: Trending Now #135 This piece was originally published in Inside Higher Ed on May 23, 2018. A new technology tool from MIT enables silent communication between human and computer MIT, once again, has taken a huge step toward further embedding technology into our lives.  In this case, it is giving voice to thoughts, speech to the speechless…

Augmenting Reality in Learning Online

June 18, 2018

Online: Trending Now #134 Augmented Reality is emerging as a powerful tool in distance online learning.  It is common that Virtual Reality (VR) is confused with Augmented Reality (AR). They are often conflated because some technologies apply to both. Augmented reality, by definition includes the “real world” around the user. Virtual reality is entirely virtual.…

The Digital Student Assistant

June 4, 2018

Online: Trending Now #133 The potential digital student assistant is on the near horizon, and it promises alter practices and pedagogies in a big way. All the parts are there; almost certainly some developers are in product testing for a digital student assistant. By assistant, I don’t mean the “Jill Watson” AI graduate assistant that…

VR and AR Online

May 21, 2018

Online: Trending Now #132 One of the challenges we face in teaching online is bringing “reality” into our classes. The potential of virtual reality and augmented reality in online courses is enormous. Especially in online learning, these technologies promise to enable us to bring the laboratory, geography, cultures, and communities to reality for those who are…

GDPR Deadline Looms; Are You Ready?

May 14, 2018

Online: Trending Now #131 The General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union is going into effect on May 25.  If you are not aware of GDPR, now is the time to get up to speed on this European Union policy that may reshape data privacy and security around the world. The EU has greatly expanded…

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