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  • Which Tech Roles Do Managers Have the Hardest Time Filling? - Nick Kolakowski, Dice
    According to Hired’s new State of Software Engineers 2023 report, back-end engineers have become some of the toughest tech talent to source, followed by engineering managers, full-stack engineers, and site reliability engineers. Check out the full chart at the link below.  Demand for back-end engineers on Hired’s platform grew by 3 percent year-over-year, to 59 […]
  • How to make ChatGPT provide sources and citations - David Gewirtz, ZD Net
    Ask ChatGPT to provide sources: This is where a bit of prompt engineering comes in. A good starting point is with this query: Please provide sources for the previous answer. I've found that this often provides offline sources, books, papers, etc. The problem with offline sources is you can't check their veracity. But it's a […]
  • Washington may be about to take a giant step backward in closing the digital divide - Blair Levin, Brookings
    The North Star of communications policy should be to make services faster, better, and cheaper for all. Yet, next year, about 50 million Americans could find that their access to the core communications service of our time—broadband—has become slower, worse, and more expensive, with many even likely to be disconnected. That shift would constitute the […]
  • How does ChatGPT work? - David Gewirtz, ZD Net
    ChatGPT, by contrast, provides a response based on the context and intent behind a user's question. You can't, for example, ask Google to write a story or ask Wolfram Alpha to write a code module, but ChatGPT can do these sorts of things. Fundamentally, Google's power is the ability to do enormous database lookups and […]
  • The privilege of staying home for college - Emmely Ramirez, EdSource
    As a first-generation Latina raised in a low-income, single-parent home, all I ever wanted was to leave my hometown and explore the world after graduating from high school. I was also painfully aware that this would not be my reality. Now, four years later, as I get ready to graduate from California State University, Sacramento, […]
  • Predicting the Future of Instructional Design in Higher Education - Joseph Evanick, Evolllution
    The future of instructional design is rooted in modalities and models that engage students through gamified, personalized, flexible learning that uses AI thoughtfully and builds partnerships that benefit students. It’s no secret that the field of instructional design in higher education is constantly evolving. As new educational technologies and teaching methods emerge, instructional designers must […]
  • ChatGPT can generate, but can it create? - Lee Ann Dickerson, eCampus News
    While artificial intelligence (AI) has been a relatively silent partner in higher education’s early warning systems, personalized learning platforms, and more for some time now, we might fairly say that ChatGPT is the big boom heard ‘round the university. The AI chatbot is taking many of us by surprise and startling more of us to […]
  • Curriculum, Standards, Proxies, and the Response to AI - Jack Rice, the Evolllution
    As higher education evolves its approach to teaching and learning, there remains a general disconnect between behavioral standards and assessment that needs to be addressed. Engaging and relevant education; the kind that requires dialogue, research and inquiry has always been the objective. I would argue that our hyper focus on perpetuating outdated structures has gotten […]
  • Are Accreditors Ready for an Incremental Credentialing System? Part 1 - Holly Zanville, the Evolllution
    As institutions look to implement more credentialing, accrediting bodies need to be there for support to ensure credentials are high-quality and meet requirements. Credential As You Go hosted an online Summit on Higher Education, Quality Assurance & Incremental Credentialing on February 1, 2023. The discussion focused on ways accrediting bodies support incremental credentials, and what […]
  • Make ChatGPT Work for You With These Browser Extensions - David Nield, Wired
    Whether you're using ChatGPT for free or paying for ChatGPT Plus ($20 a month), the impressiveness of its text-generating capabilities aren't really matched by its interface, which sticks largely to the basics. That's where third-party browser extensions come in: They can help you get easier access to ChatGPT from other websites, add missing features such […]
  • Why more Americans are skipping college - Collin Binkley, Associated Press
    In dozens of interviews with The Associated Press, educators, researchers and students described a generation jaded by education institutions. Largely left on their own amid remote learning, many took part-time jobs. Some felt they weren’t learning anything, and the idea of four more years of school, or even two, held little appeal.  Searching for answers, […]
  • Texas universities eschew DEI initiatives at governor’s direction - Caroline Colvin, Higher Ed Dive
    In Texas, the anti-DEI dominos are falling, in a design constructed by Gov. Greg Abbott. In February memos to state agencies and public universities, Chief of Staff Gardner Pate announced the administration’s intentions to ban the “innocuous-sounding notion of diversity, equity and inclusion” — on the grounds of reducing identity-based discrimination. Just a month later, […]
  • GPT-4 Is Here. But Most Faculty Lack AI Policies. - Susan D'Agostino, Inside Higher Ed
    “No.” “Nope.” “Not at this time.” “Not yet!” “Just discussing it now.” “I have not.” “I will do this in the future.” “Yes.” “No way.” “Not yet, but I have a lot of ideas …” This is a representative sample of faculty responses to the question “If you have successfully integrated use of ChatGPT into […]
  • Why Vermont State’s digital library idea is so controversial - Lilah Burke, Inside Higher Ed
    Digital-first libraries already existed in higher education. But librarians have concerns about adopting them for all disciplines and materials. But as many higher education services traditionally offered in person move online, more library materials and experiences have jumped to digital formats.  Now, Vermont State University — a new institution to be formed from three existing […]
  • Online Learning Technologies: 5 Transformative Trends - Matthew Lynch, TechEdvocate
    The use of online learning technologies is becoming more popular each year. These tools can be used to help students learn in a more efficient and effective way. Here are five transformative trends that are happening with online learning technologies:
  • 3 ways higher ed can reduce the workforce skills gap - Laura Ascione, eCampus News
    Many of today’s workplace-based issues arise from a failure to view postsecondary education from a holistic standpoint, says Amrit Ahluwalia, senior director of content and strategic insights at Modern Campus. “These gaps exist because different education providers tend to focus strongly on specific learning outcomes, instead of thinking holistically about a learner’s journey,” Ahluwalia said. […]
  • A Free Online University Has Grown to 126,000 Students. What Can It Teach Traditional Colleges? - Jeffrey R. Young, EdSurge
    When Shai Reshef started a free online university called University of the People nearly 15 years ago, skepticism was high. Online education was viewed as a poor substitute for in-person study, and anyway, how could something free be financially sustainable? Today, the college has won accreditation. It has grown to serve 126,000 students. And it […]
  • What Does It Mean to Deliver a ‘Black College Education’ Online? - Rebecca Koenig, EdSurge
    “HBCUs have a unique perspective and a unique learning model that could be scaled to the world,” one leader says. It’s an undertaking from the United Negro College Fund (UNCF), a philanthropy that supports HBCUs through scholarships to students, grants to higher ed institutions and advocacy for educating African Americans. Called HBCUv, the project aims […]
  • Essential leadership techniques for higher-ed admins - Kevin Hogan, Innovators in Education Podcast
    Higher-ed leadership requires an open mind and a willingness to embrace innovation.  In this episode of Innovations in Education, hosted by Kevin Hogan:How higher-ed leaders can move their institutions forwardDon’t lead alone: A leadership coach is the secret ingredientDefending Your Data
  • Survey Uncovers Cautious Optimism About Generative AI's Impact on Learning - Rhea Kelly, Campus Technology
    An informal survey from video platform Echo360 found that higher education technology users around the world are hopeful about the potential instructional and learning impacts of generative artificial intelligence and applications like ChatGPT. The company recently polled 550 EchoVideo users across the North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), and Asia-Pacific (APAC) regions to […]

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Employer Demand for Microcredentials On the Rise, New Study From UPCEA and Collegis Education Reveals

Nearly 100 percent of organizational leaders see benefits from employees having microcredentials WASHINGTON (February 22, 2023) — Employer demand for microcredentials is on the rise, according to a new study released today by UPCEA, the association for college and university leaders in online and professional…


IMPORTANT UPDATES – Third-Party Servicer and Recruitment Compensation Updates from US Department of Education | Policy Matters (February 2023)

Major Updates NOTE: This post has been updated since its original publishing to include extended deadlines provided by the Department of Education. Some substantial items for UPCEA members to review from the US Department of Education were announced last week. The long-expected Dear Colleague Letter…


Definition Update: Chief Online Learning Officer (COLO)

By Julie Uranis, Senior Vice President of Online and Strategic Initiatives, UPCEA From its earliest days in 1915, UPCEA members have led the charge in making postsecondary education available to distant learners. From the correspondence movement to today, distance learning, now online learning, has been…


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