From the CEO

Musings on trends and updates from UPCEA CEO Bob Hansen. 

We’re putting your feedback to use

Recently, we conducted a member needs assessment to ask members how we can improve the value we offer to all those in the UPCEA community.

A special thanks to all of you who took the time to share your thoughts with us. We’ve carefully reviewed your feedback, and I’m pleased to share what we’re doing in response to your ideas, needs, and suggestions for improvement.

What You Like About UPCEA

We’re excited by your positive view of membership!

  • The majority of you feel that the value of your membership is equal to or greater than what you’re paying.
  • Overall, 89% of you are satisfied with your UPCEA membership. (This number is well above average for membership associations, but we are committed to making it even higher.)
  • The aspects of UPCEA membership you value most highly are things that have always been core to our mission: networking and community; conferences and the opportunity to present; and updates on current industry trends and news.

Where You Want UPCEA to Grow

The future direction of many of the ideas you shared are so important to us that 2017-18 UPCEA Board of Directors President, Wayne Smutz, established a Value Proposition Task Force to ensure that our priorities align with what you’ve told us you want to get from UPCEA. Although more details from the Task Force will be available later this year, much is already in the works on these issues:

  • UPCEA members are so varied—both in terms of level experience and area of professional focus—that we are committed to providing different constituency groups with the information, news, research, and services that are most relevant to each.
  • You told us you were interested in more online tools and resources, as well as more online webinars, seminars, and workshops. We are working to have these additional opportunities available for you in the near future.
  • We know that time is at a premium for everyone these days, and we’re taking steps to make our resources easier to access – so you can find what you need, on your schedule.
  • Many of you indicated that formal, credentialed professional development or continuing education programs are also of interest, with a special emphasis on gaining immediate skills and establishing professional credibility and expertise. We are keeping these priorities top of mind as we work to develop these programs.

We’ll continue to share more information on these initiatives as they develop. As always, I welcome your feedback as we work together to strengthen the field of professional, continuing, and online education.


A man (Bob Hansen) is dressed in a blue suit smiling for a headshot.

Bob Hansen is the CEO of UPCEA. Since 2010, Hansen has reinvented the century-old organization – creating the Center for Research and Strategy in 2011, establishing a number of initiatives focused on the association’s unique role in online leadership and management, and positioning the association as an important advocate for policy issues related to non-traditional and online learners. The association has more than doubled in size during Hansen’s tenure by successfully diversifying revenue. Hansen previously served as Associate Provost for University Outreach at the University of Southern Maine, and as Assistant to the Governor for Education in Illinois. He holds a Ph.D. in English from the University of Notre Dame.