UPCEA Association Awards: Criteria

The Association Awards Program includes recognition of both individual and institutional achievement across the UPCEA membership.

Each criterion/category should be scored between 0 and 5, with 0 being the lowest and 5 being the highest.

Alignment: Nomination aligns with selected award category Not at all aligned Minimal alignment Some alignment Good alignment Full alignment Significant alignment
Criteria: Nomination meets award category criteria Does not meet nominating criteria Meets very little criteria Criteria met with limited information to support each criteria item Criteria met with documentation to support each item Criteria is met with concrete examples and documentation Elements are present, and exceeds the required criteria
Examples: Examples provided are specific and representative of the nominee's excellence No examples were shared Minimal examples shared with lack of clarity General examples provided, lacking sufficient information Good examples were provided with sufficient information and clarity Clear, informative high-quality examples were shared The examples provided went above and beyond to thoughtfully implement and represent the nominee's excellence
Impact Potential: Nominee presents significant capacity to positively impact our field Does not demonstrate any capacity to positively impact the field Minimal impact potential Some potential to make a positive impact in the field, but it is not significant Moderate impact potential Impact potential is strong, with a substantial capacity to positively impact the field. Impact potential is outstanding, with the potential to make a groundbreaking and transformative contribution to the field
Overall: The overall level of nomination quality Not well considered Insufficient level of information, short answers that do not satisfy most criteria Good quality, some good examples provided Really good quality, sufficient responses, some information lacking Great quality - Demonstrated thoughtfulness through answers and supporting documents, could have been more comprehensive with information provided "I wish all nominations were this thoughtful and comprehensive"