Professional & Continuing Education

Since its inception in 1915, UPCEA has focused on the work of professional and continuing education administrators who advance their institution’s mission by providing access and opportunities for students of all ages. Today, that work is more important than ever, with a focus on today’s adult learner and on developing new audiences, programs, and means of delivery.

UPCEA is committed to providing resources and learning opportunities for leaders in online and professional continuing education, embracing their entrepreneurial spirit and our rich history as an association.

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News & Events

Conferences, Seminars, Webinars

From our major annual conference, leadership, marketing and regional events to topical webinars and coffee chats, UPCEA offers unparalleled networking, presentation and learning opportunities for all areas of online and professional continuing, education.

Major UPCEA Events include:

  • UPCEA Annual Conference
  • MEMS Conference: Marketing, Enrollment Management, Student Success
  • Distance Teaching & Learning (DT&L) and the Summit for Online Leadership and Administration + Roundtable (SOLA+R)
  • Convergence: Credential Innovation in Higher Education
  • Regional Salons

The Pulse of Higher Ed

Perspectives on Online and Professional Education from UPCEA’s Research and Consulting Experts

Media Expenditures Budgeting Among Higher Education Providers

October 13, 2016

Marketing department media expenditures have been an important topic in student recruitment operations for more than 20 years. During the past decade, higher education providers have experienced…

Leading by Gut or by Data: The Data-Driven State of Higher Ed Decision Making

September 16, 2016

In recent years, the idea of data-driven decision making has been propelling much of the higher education narrative. As many industries work to incorporate data and analytics…

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Resources and Publications

UPCEA Hallmarks of Excellence in Professional And Continuing Education

These Hallmarks presume that professional and continuing education is central, pervasive, and critical within institutions of higher learning—crossing internal boundaries and extending external ones, promoting change, and responding to current dynamics that convert challenges into opportunities.

These Hallmarks of Excellence are an opportunity to define a set of standards that reflect the ambitions, potential, and importance of the PCE unit’s work—standards few achieve often enough to be complacent. Commitment to mission, enrollments, innovation, and academic excellence are the inseparable aspirations of professional and continuing educators.


UNBOUND is UPCEA’s e-publication in magazine format, designed to showcase thought leadership, case studies, research and other valuable contributions to the field. UNBOUND welcomes articles from all those who are involved in higher education, especially those who work with adult students.

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Have you joined a Network yet?

Today, the field of professional, continuing and online education is characterized by engagement in very complex, highly specialized areas of practice. UPCEA’s eight Networks are designed to serve professionals practicing in the key areas that define this vibrant and growing sector of higher education. Networks are open to any UPCEA Member. Members can join any one (or multiple) of these Networks, like Business & Operations, Program Planning and Implementation, and more!

Gain Knowledge and Advance Your Career

Learn from expert facilitators and connect with peers online as a part of UPCEA's Professional Development courses. Interested in earning the PCO Pro Certificate from UPCEA? Get the essential skills and knowledge you need with UPCEA’s Learning Center! Bringing you the leading experts in the field of professional, continuing, and online (PCO) education, these programs offer high-value and relevant content for practitioners at all levels.

Select and bundle five courses from the Foundations Series and Professional Practice Series.

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UPCEA has the knowledge and resources colleges and universities need to serve adult learners, online learners and contemporary students.

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