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Policy Matters | Trump Administration Releases FY 2021 Budget Proposal; Education Funds Request Reduced (February 2020)

February 26, 2020
Welcome to the February edition of Policy Matters. Each issue has the latest updates and actionable items in public policy for adult and nontraditional education stakeholders.

Major Update

  • Earlier this month, the . The efforts specifically relating to education were positioned by the Administration as a way to reduce the “outsized” Federal role in education, and “return control over decisions to states, teachers, parents, and students.” While the request increases funding for Career and Technical Education programs by $900 million, the overall cuts of approximately 8% to the Department of Education’s budget allocations amounts to a total decrease of $5.6 billion in funding and outlays. One of the programs which was removed completely was the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, and financial aid programs, and on the whole, these and other proposed cuts . Many believe, as has been the case with past presidential budget requests, that this effort is largely dead in the water and will not go far. Congress recently passed measures to increase funding to education programs by $1.3 billion, including supporting increased maximum allowance for Pell Grants, which shows a trend of additional spending on education through bipartisan bills which have passed.

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