2019 Policy Briefs

Briefs Authored by UPCEA, OLC, and WCET Cover Competency-Based Education, Financial Aid, Regular and Substantive Interaction, and State Authorization

UPCEA, OLC and WCET—have issued a set of policy briefs relating to necessary changes to federal regulations affecting the professional, continuing, and online education community. These papers address competency-based education, financial aid for the 21st century student, regular and substantive interaction, and state authorization.

The organizations have jointly issued these papers while talks relating to the ongoing rulemaking session are currently underway at the Department of Education to provide additional information to policymakers about the challenges that contemporary learners, and the institutions that serve them, often face. While many of these topics will likely be addressed by the current Department of Education negotiated rulemaking committee, the organizations recognize that others may require Congressional action.  

Policymakers interested in a flourishing 21st century workforce must encourage policies that support a 21st century higher education system. Adult learners, and students who engage in online education, can be stifled by outdated policies set up to serve a student population that has not existed for more than 50 years. Through these briefs, the organizations aim to change the conversation around these out-of-date regulations, and together be a stronger voice for innovative and contemporary education policy.

The series of policy briefs is the result of the collaborative efforts of UPCEA, OLC, WCET, and leaders at the member institutions of each organization.

The briefs are structured to inform current talks, as well as inspire solutions around these topics outside of the current negotiated rulemaking session.


For questions or comments, please reach out to Jordan DiMaggio, Director, Policy + Digital Strategy, [email protected], 202-400-2689.