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Online Administration Network Member Spotlight – Shaun Moore


At what institution do you work, and what is your role?

I’m the Director of e-Learning and Instructional Support (e-LIS) at Oakland University, in Michigan. I’ve been here since 2001, starting as a student employee doing help calls for our one online class at the time, then getting hired on full time in 2005, and moving into the director role in 2015. I love the university so much I never left! I get to do lots of fun things at work like help to grow online programs, do research, attend conferences, lead a great team, prank that same great team, dress up as a stormtrooper or the Joker. You know, typical work stuff. I started out doing web application development and tech support, spent years doing instructional design work and teaching workshops, ran a help desk, then eventually broke and fixed computers enough computers that they stopped having me do that sort of thing. Now I spend a lot of time in meetings and on committees, but I make sure to bring some silliness and fun to those as well. I also teach computer classes part time in the School of Business.

What’s your hometown?

I’ve lived in Michigan my whole life (aside from that semester I studied abroad in France). I grew up in Canton, Michigan, did most of my schooling there, but moved to New Baltimore before graduating. I now reside in Lake Orion, which isn’t too far from Oakland University’s campus. My wife and I like to think of this as our forever home, or at least until we’re 80 or 90. Our two young kids love the area, and we get to share a backyard with other families with kids so it’s like having a park right there.


What is your role in the UPCEA Online Administration Network?

I’m fairly new to the OA network, but excited to be a part of it. I’m coming from the eDesign Collaborative network, and this one is a better fit for my role. I recently volunteered to be a part of the Awards Committee, so I look forward to helping out there and seeing some of the great things my colleagues are doing.


Do you have a hidden talent?

I used to be a member of a geek rock band called Stroller Coaster. You can find some albums on Spotify. I played the bass guitar, though I don’t claim to be a musician, more of a trained monkey. I was in the band with two of my e-LIS colleagues, John Coughlin and Nic Bongers. I also love to do improv. I got to teach an improv class for the Honors College at Oakland University, and I’m now the faculty advisor for the Improv at OU student organization.


Any advice for new UPCEA members?

There is so much to love about UPCEA. The CORe forums are amazing with all of the information shared. Be sure to check them out and post your own questions or comments there. I’ve gotten invaluable information there, both from things I’ve just read myself or posts I’ve done asking for help from colleagues as we try something new or look to explore new software. And networking with colleagues at UPCEA events is always a great time. I try to get to as many in-person events as I can so I can prank, er, I mean, network with my colleagues. You can also get more involved with the different networks they have. I really enjoyed my time being a part of the eDesign Collaborative, and I’m excited for what is happening with the Online Administration network.


What are your work from home essentials? 

I’ve been a gamer for a long time, so my home machine is faster and more powerful than my work machine. It also has a nicer setup. I have three monitors so I can keep important things open in different windows, helping me stay organized and up to date on what is happening when I’m working on something else. And of course I like to have some music playing when possible. My biggest “must have” is an ergonomic setup, as I’ve had carpal tunnel syndrome issues over the years. Some say it is from so many hours of computer gaming, but I say it is from attention to detail. That’s why I use the split keyboard and upright mouse. It really makes a difference when you’re at the machine the entire time.

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