Navigating the New Website + Member Portal

Everyone with an UPCEA account from our old database needs to reset their password!

First things first -- if you had an UPCEA login in our old system, there are two major items to take note of:

1. Your old username is no longer valid. Your new username will be your work email address we have on file. 

2. You need to reset your password.  Click here to reset your password. 

We're sorry for the inconvenience, but it's for the best. Because we only use highly encrypted versions of your passwords, we could not transfer them from our old database, because we're always committed to keeping your information secure.

Never had an UPCEA password but need an account? Click here to get started.

New Member Portal

The Member Portal is now your brand new one-stop shop for event registrations, posting and searching of jobs, access to updating your information, payment of bills, and joining networks or other "committees" like the UPCEA eDesign Collaborative.

For IRs: NEW - you now have the ability to log in as your Organization or your own personal account from the Member Portal. 


Our beloved member community, CORe, will remain the same! Just be sure you're logging in with your new email-based username, and you've reset your password. 



Have any questions? We're always here for you.
Give us a call at 202-659-3130 or email