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  • Many Are Reacting, but Who Is Visioning the Future? - Ray Schroeder, Inside Higher Ed
    As we prepare for the fall term, most colleges and universities are reacting to the evolving pandemic, responding to changing conditions. But who is creating a vision for the future?  How do we replace campus face-to-face interaction with dispersed or virtual face-to-face, up-close, personal interaction? Beyond our already-proven online learning pedagogies and practices, can we […]
  • Fostering an Inclusive Classroom - Tracie Marcella Add, Derek Dube and Khadijah A. Mitchell, Inside Higher Ed
    Although colleges have more time to prepare this fall, concerns about equity and inclusion are still apparent. Fostering inclusive classrooms is vital, and all instructors can take certain small steps to start building such learning environments from the start of the course, regardless of modality. While designing inclusive courses is essential for effective teaching -- whether […]
  • Colleges Are Deeply Unequal Workplaces - Jeffrey Selingo, the Atlantic
    As colleges unveil their reopening plans for the fall, concerns about the safety of faculty teaching in classrooms populated with young adults have taken center stage. But largely left out of the conversation have been the people actually getting campuses up and running: the staff.
  • People wary of online learning at universities: Poll - Jane Stevenson, Toronto Sun
    The Canadian university experience is already looking pretty different now that the global pandemic has sparked a shift to more online or remote learning. But how might it look 50 years from now? “The future of learning arrived in March (during the pandemic lockdown) — we just weren’t ready for it enmasse,” said Athabasca University president Neil […]
  • University of Arizona expands online learning access through new nonprofit - KOLD
    The University of Arizona announced its intention to create a new nonprofit entity — University of Arizona Global Campus — and acquire the assets of Ashford University. University of Arizona Global Campus will be a fully online university providing access to affordable high-quality higher education with flexible opportunities to students from diverse backgrounds around the world […]
  • Trend toward online learning gives seminaries an advantage amid COVID - CHRIS HUGHES, Baptist News
    CBF-partner theology schools are making significant shifts as they prepare for a fall semester to commence in the middle of the global pandemic. After finishing the spring semester with online instruction, some are planning to offer a variety of options for students for the fall, including both in-person and online classes, while others will remain entirely […]
  • Minerva: How to Go to College During a Pandemic - Frank Bruni, NY Times
    Students at Minerva spend four years entirely online. Is this the future of higher education?  Minerva drew attention at the outset, because it was one answer to intensifying questions about the affordability of college, the country-club excesses of some campuses and the erratic devotion to actual instruction. But it’s an object of even greater fascination now, because […]
  • Ransomware: Your biggest security headache refuses to go away - Steve Ranger, ZDNet
    Ransomware has been around for more than three decades, so it's hardly an unexpected threat. And yet, organisations large and small are still being taken completely by surprise by the file-encrypting malware, leaving them to decide between rebuilding many of their computer systems from scratch to rid themselves of the ransomware or paying up to […]
  • Faculty work to improve online class delivery for fall semester - By Duncan Slade, Daily Athenaeum - West Virginia University
    In May, faculty knew fall classes were quickly approaching and would include some level of remote instruction. The spring semester’s emergency remote learning had soured some students to the entire concept of online education. Faculty had four months, not two weeks, to plan how they would show students the broad possibilities of online learning. Her classes […]
  • Visualizing Vulnerable Jobs Across America - Brookings Institution
    A product of the Brookings Workforce of the Future initiative, this interactive database searches information from 380 metropolitan statistical areas.  Fields allow you to compare to other cities.  Great detail in major employment fields.
  • Most fall classes will be online. What about courses that can’t be? - Joe Brandt, NBC10
    Some college classes may not offer as many courses this fall if conditions change with the coronavirus pandemic. It’ll depend on whether that course can be brought online, or must be taught in person. But other fields of study require in-person contact for accreditation, or from sheer practice. Art schools are still planning to give students […]
  • DePaul interim provost discusses fall quarter, online learning at virtual seminar - Nika Schoonover, DePaulia
    Ghanem spoke first, discussing the steps DePaul took at the start of the pandemic and what precautions they plan to take. She mentioned the switch to online finals at the end of the winter quarter, the move to remote learning in the spring and summer sessions, and the use of a virtual commencement for graduating […]
  • Work-study jobs may be remote, in-person or rescinded entirely this fall depending on colleges' policies. - Emma Kerr, U.S. News & World Report
    Students who rely on part-time jobs funded by the federal work-study program to pay for college may see their financial aid options limited or rescinded this fall because of the coronavirus pandemic. Whether students can access work-study funding, which is a form of aid that requires them to work for wages paid in part by […]
  • Now, more than half of Americans are millennials or younger - William H. Frey, Brookings Institution
    To many Americans—especially baby boomers themselves—this news may come as a shock. For them, the term “millennial” has been associated with a youthful, often negative, vibe in terms of habits, ideology, and politics. Now, the oldest millennial is 39, and with their numbers exceeding those of baby boomers, the millennial generation is poised to take […]
  • When looking for a new job, there are certain things you'll need to know - Mashable
    When you're looking for a new job, there are certain skills you'll need just to get noticed. We recommend taking an online course to walk you through the specifics, but here are some pointers to get started. Get serious about LinkedIn. If you’re hitting that “Easy Apply” button on LinkedIn, your profile better look pristine. Convenience […]
  • A new neural network could help computers code themselves - Will Douglas, MIT Technology Review
    The tool spots similarities between programs to help programmers write faster and more efficient software. Intel's Jutin Gottschlich and his colleagues call this machine programming. Working with a team from Intel, MIT and the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, he has developed a system called Machine Inferred Code Similarity, or MISIM, that can extract the […]
  • Library offers free online courses to help the unemployed - LINDA MCINTOSH, San Diego Union-Tribune
    The Oceanside Public Library, which is temporarily closed because of the pandemic, provides free online courses to help folks who lost their jobs.  The courses are offered through the Coursera for Workforce Recovery program. The courses range from computer programming, digital literacy, data analytics/business analysis and software or app development to entrepreneurship, web design project management, […]
  • How learning journals can help students grow - JIANG XUEQIN, Big Think
    Jiang Xueqin is a China-based educator and writer and researcher at the Global Education Innovation Initiative at Harvard Graduate School of Education.  Jiang Xueqin endorses learning journals as a good method to promote meta-learning for students during the coronavirus pandemic. Learning journals can be kept for any activity and have three components: defining a goal "concretely and […]
  • Make Super Simple Videos for Teaching Online - Michael Wesch, EDUCAUSE Review
    The hard part can be getting the confidence to talk to the camera, but making simple videos for online teaching can help you engage with students. This video was produced by Michael Wesch, professor at Kansas State University. You can find more videos like this on his YouTube channel @Michael Wesch.
  • EdX Advisory Council Calls for Short-Term Credential Programs, Industry-Aligned Curricula - Rhea Kelly, Campus Technology
    Learning platform edX recently convened the first (virtual) meeting of its MicroBachelors Program Skills Advisory Council, a group launched in early 2020 that brings together foundations, corporations and academic institutions to "solve shared challenges around reskilling and upskilling in order to address the demands of the future workplace."

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