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  • Colleges are using big data to track students in an effort to boost graduation rates, but it comes at a cost - JILL BARSHAY and SASHA ASLANIAN, Hechinger Report
    There are indications that analytics may be having an impact. In 2016, after years of declines, national college graduation rates started ticking back up again and have continued rising for the past three years. But that progress may come at a cost. Critics say there are potential downsides to monitoring student data so closely. They worry […]
  • Are you blinded by the promise of AI? - Anna Frazzetto, CIO
    While many businesses are fueled by their ambition to implement AI initiatives, few understand how it can work for their businesses. How do we keep our AI ambitions in line with the business needs of our organization? A simple Google search will tell you that AI has now moved into prime gold rush position. Where once […]
  • 4 Ways to Advance Your Career and Be Happier at Work - INC.
    According to research, over 75% of Americans feel little or no passion at work. That's terrible..but it doesn't need to be the case. Here's why Learning and Development is the key to changing that dynamic. There are important business reasons for companies to provide significant learning and development opportunities to employees, and even more important reasons […]
  • Unpacking 2U's New $24K Online Undergrad Degree - Joshua Kim, Inside Higher Ed
    Seven reasons why the new 2U powered, University of London, $24K online undergraduate degree in data science and business analytics is so fascinating:#1 - Status:The BS will be conferred by the University of London, in collaboration and with faculty from the London School of Economics. These are brand name, internationally recognized institutions. This will be […]
  • Online learning combined with games to grow by 38% in 2-4 years - Economic Times
    "Learning in the context of work, though essential, isn't always enjoyable and engaging, therefore, new models of training, more relevant to the workforce of today and tomorrow are being explored and games-based learning is one such model," Schoolguru Eduserve CEO and founder Shantanu Rooj told PTI here. "The combination method of skilling, a recent phenomenon in […]
  • Mexican science suffers under debilitating budget cuts - Giorgia Guglielmi, Nature
    Some researchers have turned to crowdfunding campaigns to pay for supplies and several scientific institutes are rationing electricity to save money. Mexico's budget cuts are affecting the country's researchers, including scientists working on improving forest conservation strategies. Austerity measures recently enacted by Mexico’s president are pushing the country’s scientific efforts — chronically underfunded for years […]
  • 2U taps undergraduate market with low-cost online bachelor's degree - Hallie Busta, Education Dive
    2U announced Monday that it is entering the undergraduate degree market with an online bachelor’s offered in partnership with the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). It is expected to launch in October 2020.  The 36-month program in data science and business analytics is on a 10-year contract between 2U and LSE. About […]
  • Average Student Loan Debt Statistics by School by State 2019 - LendU
    While the figures change each year, the narrative certainly does not; student loan debt continues to be a growing issue in the U.S. and at nearly all schools in the country as the cost of college continues to rise. Nationally, outstanding student loan debt sits at $1.52 trillion, making it the second largest form of consumer […]
  • 5 Skills That Students Are Losing Because of Tech - Matthew Lynch, Tech Edvocate
    Technology in the classroom has become not just expected but assumed. Educators and administrators strive to use and/or create the most digitally aligned curriculum available, ranging from e-books in place of print titles to fully interactive learning management systems. The reason, of course, is to provide students with the best possible chance of success in […]
  • With ‘Hybrid’ Campuses, Online Course Providers Offer In-Person Services - Rebecca Koenig, EdSurge
    “Most students who attend an online program still attend a program that's within 50 to 100 miles of their home,” says Dave Jarrat, senior vice president of strategic engagement and growth at InsideTrack, an organization that provides coaching services at colleges. Recognizing this paradox, a few online course providers have opened physical campus centers designed to […]
  • Heard on Campus: The possibilities presented by open educational resources - Anne C. Osterman, Penn State News
    “OER (open educational resources) is about more than student savings — it is about student success and lifelong learning. It is about faculty empowerment and increased student engagement. It is about equity and diversity. … This is an opportunity for collaboration across the institution, from faculty to instructional designers to librarians to assessment professionals.”https://news.psu.edu/story/583142/2019/08/09/impact/heard-campus-possibilities-presented-open-educational-resources
  • AI For CXOs -- Redefining The Future Of Leadership In The AI Era - Sameer Dhanrajani, Forbes
    AI is undoubtedly going to become one of the sources of lasting competitive advantage for enterprises. According to research, 4 out of 5 C-level executives believe that their future business strategy will be informed through opportunities made available by AI technology. This requires a leadership mindset that is AI-first and can spot opportunities for artificial […]
  • How emerging technology is reshaping higher ed - Natalie Schwartz, Education Dive
    Pressure is growing for colleges to improve student outcomes, but sliding enrollment and tighter budgets threaten their ability to do so. In response, they are deploying technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics that promise to help them do more with less. Some colleges are using those tools to improve how they recruit and retain […]
  • The radical transformation of the textbook - BRIAN BARRETT, Wired
    Pearson’s digital-first initiative will dramatically bring down textbook costs on average, albeit by phasing out the concept of ownership. But increasingly, colleges are embracing textbooks that cost … nothing. Just as traditional software has a thriving open source community, textbooks have Open Educational Resources, complete textbooks that typically come free of charge digitally, or for a small […]
  • Decision-Making Should Be a Required Course in Every High School - Steven Johnson, Medium
    We spend too much time making kids memorize facts instead of giving them the skill that will help them throughout their lives. But the most important argument for instating decision-making as a required course for high school students is this: No matter what you do in your life, no matter what career path you take, the […]
  • Top 5 Digital Transformation Trends In Education For 2020 - Daniel Newman, Forbes
    It’s that time of year again where we take a look at the top digital transformation trends in the coming year in several industries. First up: education. As we all know, the only thing constant in digital transformation is change. So, how have digital transformation trends in education changed as we move toward the coming […]
  • AI Ethics Still In Its Infancy - Alex Woodie, Datanami
     AI is having a moment in the sun. There’s no doubt about that. But despite the trillions in value that AI is expected to bring over the coming years thanks to widespread automation of repetitive tasks through emergent tech like neural networks, there’s a major issue dogging AI: the rules of road for what’s ethical […]
  • Take a peek at the research behind educator micro-credentials - LAURA ASCIONE, eSchool News
    A growing consensus recognizes educator micro-credentials as promising new professional learning resources.  Educator micro-credentials are gaining more mainstream acceptance, but it’s important to ensure the process surrounding micro-credentials is grounded in rigorous research, according to a new whitepaper from Digital Promise. The potential of these educator micro-credentials lies in their ability to help educators bolster their professional […]
  • Why AI And Chatbots Need Personality - Bernard Marr, Forbes
    The attribution of human feelings and beliefs to inanimate things is called anthropomorphism. It is important to keep this principle in mind and make use of it when creating responses that resonate with people. Consumers will become frustrated with a bot similar to how they would with a human if their queries don’t produce a […]
  • “The $300 textbook is dead,” says the CEO of textbook maker Pearson - Eric Johnson, Recode
    So instead of selling giant hardcover textbooks like Calculus: Early Transcendentals (list price for a new hardcover copy: $277.20), Pearson is going to start renting digital textbooks for $40 to $80, updating them over the air. Next month, it will launch the first of a new series of mobile apps called Aida — a portmanteau […]

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