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  • 3 Ways to Improve Online Learning Security - MarketScale
    Over the last weeks, students, professors and caregivers alike have adjusted to the modern-day classroom – many of which consist of a full or hybrid online learning model. This virtual shift brought on by COVID-19 comes with many unique challenges, and one of the most concerning is ensuring optimal online learning security across new and […]
  • Online Learning: Perseverance and Perspectives - Lena Cassidy, the Whit
    Online learning is not universal. There is no global fix to conquer all of the learning curves between majors. A nursing major and a writing major cannot learn the same way. Zoom is not a comprehensive resource for everyone. The only commonality between all majors that were asked is that class and home cannot coexist. Being […]
  • Social media use in distance learning raises privacy concerns - Shawna De La Rosa, Education Dive
    Connecting with students over social media raises equity and privacy concerns, The 74 reports. Though social media sites give teachers a convenient way to connect with students, children younger than 13 are prohibited from signing up for many social media platforms because they collect user data, which runs counter to the Children's Online Privacy Protection […]
  • 3 Reasons to Go Online with New Student Orientations - Leslie Mojeiko; et al, EDUCAUSE Review
    Moving new student orientations to a fully online or blended format has made these programs more affordable, convenient, and accessible for students and their families, and more efficient and streamlined for college and university staff. Observing how these orientations develop to meet these challenges will be exciting. During this time of change, three notable benefits of […]
  • The Virus Moved Female Faculty to the Brink. Will Universities Help? - Jillian Kramer, New York Times
    The pandemic is a new setback for women in academia who already faced obstacles on the path to advancing their research and careers.  The pandemic has laid bare gender inequities across the country, and women in academia have not been spared. The outbreak erupted during universities’ spring terms, hastily forcing classes online and researchers out of […]
  • Is spectrum shortage a thing of the past? - Tom Wheeler, Brookings
    Now, the largest user of spectrum, the Department of Defense (DoD), has put out a Request for Information (RFI) that seems to propose that at least some of the spectrum traditionally used by the military could be shared for a fifth generation (5G) wireless network. The DoD cites a component of 5G technology called dynamic […]
  • Overcoming 3 data management pitfalls of online learning - JON TOOR, eCampus News
    Operating fully or partially online brings with it a number of key data management challenges for higher-ed IT leaders to overcome.  Storing the majority of data on-premises or in a private cloud in a highly scalable platform can cost significantly less than using the public cloud and can also offer universities secure cloud-like file sharing capabilities, […]
  • Student Loan Default Rates by School & State - Mike Brown, LendEdu
    The national student loan default rate for the 2017 fiscal year was 9.70%, which is a decrease of 0.40 percentage points from when the student loan default rate was 10.10% for the 2016 fiscal year (last year's report). Not surprisingly, for-profit institutions had the highest collective student loan default rate (14.70%), followed by public institutions (9.30%), […]
  • Faculty Confidence in Online Learning Grows - Doug Lederman, Inside Higher Ed
    Survey finds significant increases in professors' confidence in virtual learning and their sense of support from their colleges -- but continuing concerns about equity for underrepresented students. But the report on the survey, "Time for Class COVID-19 Edition Part 2: Planning for a Fall Like No Other," from Every Learner Everywhere and Tyton Partners, also suggests […]
  • The shift online has colleges looking to share courses - Alia Wong, Education Dive
    Dozens of institutions have joined consortia for exchanging online classes since the pandemic began, and new options have sprung up. Course-sharing networks historically have tended to comprise small groups of neighboring colleges with similar curricular goals, such as the Five College Consortium in Western Massachusetts and the Claremont Colleges in Los Angeles County. While the early […]
  • Americans are reconsidering investing in higher education due to COVID-19 - Holly Chilsen, WSAW
      Since the COVID-19 pandemic upended the education sector, Americans are reconsidering investing in higher education, according to a new Edward Jones and Morning Consult study. Respondents cited concerns over the current economic climate and the quality of online learning as top reasons some students are considering skipping higher education and choosing to look for full-time […]
  • We Are Underestimating Artificial Intelligence and BCI - Ray Schroeder, Inside Higher Ed
    We are planning for AI to help universities recruit, oversee adaptive learning and drive intelligent chat boxes, but there is much more ahead in the near future. Are we are underestimating the future of AI connected through a brain-computer interface in education?
  • Envisioning the Future of Higher Ed in a Post-pandemic World - Dian Schaffhauser, Campus Technology
    In a recent ASU+GSV session, five college presidents gave their views of what’s next for higher education. What does the future of higher education look like? A panel of five university and college presidents offered their crystal-ball visions in a recent session during the recent ASU+GSV Summit, which took place online this week. Moderator Michelle […]
  • Is the US the next big market for outbound students? - Anthony C Ogden and Denise Cope, University World News
    There may be some major shifts under way in international student mobility patterns. The current upheavals in the United States higher education landscape appear to be driving greater numbers of US students to consider full degrees abroad. US universities and colleges were on the ropes prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, with many institutions already facing shrinking […]
  • Some professors struggle with distance learning - Dejania Oliver, the FAMUan
    Since universities started to shut down around the country in late February, professors wondered what would happen for the upcoming year. Now that schools are midway through the fall term, professors have noted the difficulties of virtual teaching. Dealing with technology issues and the ongoing pandemic, many educators have decided the stress is too much […]
  • A hybrid education format is sticking around. Here’s how we can improve the model - Anant Agarwal, Fast Company
    In recent weeks, colleges and universities have had to radically adapt traditional learning to keep students safe as COVID-19 shows little sign of abating. Now, students and teachers are grappling with how to avoid learning disruptions and maximize engagement in a remote world. The good news is, the online learning space is more sophisticated now. EdTech […]
  • Universities have invested in online learning – and it can provide students with value for money - Kyungmee Lee, the Conversation
     Kyungmee Lee, the ConversationThere is no doubt that student experience as a whole will not be the same if universities move entirely online. But we must not assume that online teaching is automatically inferior to face-to-face teaching. Universities can provide students with engaging and invaluable learning experiences online.
  • Harvard EdCast: Making Online Learning Work - JILL ANDERSON, GSE Harvard
    Khan says, “A lot of it is just going to be a mental health issue, making sure they're engaged. I think if kids are engaged in mental health and they're having regular touchpoints with amazing teachers, things are going to be fine. The crisis is going to stay a crisis. It won't become a catastrophe.”
  • ‘Collision of crises’ make change inevitable for higher ed - DAVE TESKE, eCampus News
     Speaking at the annual conference of the Network for Change and Continuous Innovation (NCCI), the presidents of the Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia State University, and Texas A&M University—San Antonio agreed that the ongoing “collision of crises” marks a defining moment for how universities and colleges will conduct business in the future. The panelists emphasized the […]
  • U Phoenix E-Textbook Pilot Improves Adult Math Engagement - Dian Schaffhauser, Campus Technology
    A pilot at the University of Phoenix found that a well-designed interactive textbook can help people stick with their math studies. The university worked with zyBooks from John Wiley & Sons in a two-course undergraduate sequence on quantitative reasoning. The pilot began in October 2019 and was transitioned into full implementation beginning in December 2019. The […]

News from UPCEA: 

UPCEA/Pearson Survey: Demographic Shifts in Educational Demand and the Rise of Alternative Credentials

To thrive in today’s fast-evolving job market, students need flexible ways to quickly develop and demonstrate new skills. Alternative credentialing helps solve this problem. UPCEA and Pearson surveyed 190 institutions to determine the role alternative credentials play in higher education. Learn more about the key…


A big partnership for higher ed data analytics (eCampus News)

Data management software company TMMData joins UPCEA in a Gold Level Industry Partnership to guide its members’ emerging data analytics and reporting efforts. TMMData, a provider of flexible data management software, recently announced its Gold Level Industry Partnership with UPCEA (the University Professional and Continuing…


UPCEA and TMMData Partner to Bring Data Analytics and Reporting Best Practices to the Forefront of Higher Education

Media Contact:  Kim Francois 410-581-5928 Leading data management software company joins UPCEA in a Gold Level Industry Partnership to guide its members’ emerging data analysis and reporting efforts  STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (May 16, 2016) — TMMData, a top provider of flexible data management software,…