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New for 2018 – UPCEA Excellence in Enrollment Management Award

Enrollment management is central to the success of professional, continuing, and online units. In the last 40 years, enrollment management has evolved from a theoretical concept in undergraduate education to a highly sophisticated framework for attracting, retaining, and graduating students. The UPCEA Excellence in Enrollment Management Award recognizes an outstanding professional, continuing, and/or online (PCO) organization (unit or individual) that models best practices and combines process excellence with superior results. This award is affiliated with the UPCEA Marketing, Enrollment, and Student Services Network.

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Entries due by September 1, 2018.


  • The nominee (person/unit) must be a member of UPCEA. Corporate members are expected to submit in conjunction with an institutional member. Click here to check your institution’s membership status.
  • The nominee must provide concrete examples of operational excellence in one or more of the following categories from within the last three calendar years:
    • Evidence of data-informed enrollment planning and decision-making
    • Evidence of operational strengths and best practices
    • Evidence of outperformance (to plan, or vs. peer or national benchmarks)

 Nomination Procedure:

  • Complete the nomination form
  • Include among the supporting documents the following:
    • Narrative statement that warrants nomination
    • Materials (not to exceed six items) which demonstrate impact of nominated unit or individual (testimonials, enrollment data, financial ramifications, etc.)

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