How Education Leaders Think Generative AI Will Impact Classroom Learning (CB&A)

May 10, 2023

With the recent launch of ChatGPT, generative artificial intelligence entered the chat (pun intended) in a big way, and commentators immediately expressed concern about plagiarism and other forms of cheating in the classroom.

Since those early days, the conversation about how these new generative AI tools will disrupt classroom teaching and learning has broadened. Bigger questions have arisen, like how to ensure equity of access to the best tools, and how we’ll need to adjust our approach to workforce preparedness.

We asked a range of education thought leaders—from academics, to investors, to journalists, to association leaders, to human resource professionals—to share their perspectives on generative AI in the classroom. Their answers should impact how education marketers and vendors are designing, marketing and selling their products.


As educators prepare students for the careers of the future, they’ll need to be flexible, forward-thinking and fearless. Likewise, education products and curriculum will need to incorporate new ways to get the most out of human / bot interaction.

Ray Schroeder, Senior Fellow at the University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA) and Professor Emeritus at the University of Illinois Springfield (UIS):

“It is critically important that we in higher education embrace and fully engage in generative AI. Clearly, our students are entering a workforce in which they will be expected to work alongside these technologies. It is incumbent upon us to prepare those learners for that workforce environment as soon, and as completely, as possible. The careers of our graduates and the successful functioning of enterprises that employ them are at stake.”


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