Despite high interest, continuing education programs are sputtering (University Business)

March 23, 2023

Professional continuing education looked particularly enticing to colleges and universities in the wake of the pandemic and the staggering enrollment numbers that followed. With traditional enrollment taking a hit, higher education had to find new avenues to enroll learners, and these types of programs seemed to provide the flexibility that fits into almost every lifestyle.

Harvard has its own continuing education program that offers enticing degrees, certificates and courses, catering to students balancing a full-time job or even retirees who just want something intellectually stimulating to engage in.

However, these programs face a slew of challenges that are preventing higher ed leaders from truly capitalizing on this new market of hybrid learners, according to a new report conducted by Modern Campus in conjunction with The EvoLLLution, the Canadian Association for University Continuing Education (CAUCE) and the University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA). The problems may also seem to be worsening.

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