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Biden Administration Issues Resources in Response to Race-Based Admissions Decision | Policy Matters (August 2023)

August 31, 2023

Major Updates

  • Supreme Court Race-Based Admissions Updates + Webinar Recording


  • Save Student Aid – Contact Your Representatives and Make Your Voice Heard
    The House of Representatives has proposed eliminating important student aid programs, and the Senate has proposed cutting funding of some programs by millions of dollars. These programs should be strengthened, not eliminated or cut, to help students who are struggling in the post-pandemic economy. The proposed cuts will make college more expensive and less accessible for low- and moderate-income students and could cause a number of students to forgo pursuing a degree. In an effort to show opposition to the proposed funding cuts to federal student aid programs, we are asking UPCEA members to use the Student Aid Alliance website’s contact Congress page.

    There, you can quickly and easily send messages to your Representatives and Senators. Make your voice heard alongside so many others by sending a message before lawmakers return to Capitol Hill in September. Please customize your message and make it more personal as those messages break through with congressional offices more clearly, and set yourself apart from those which are only using the suggested language. Contact your members of congress and tell them not to cut funding for these important programs.

    UPCEA is a proud member of the Student Aid Alliance.


Other News


UPCEA is a proud founding and steering committee member of the Today's Students Coalition.

UPCEA Policy Committee

Kristen Brown, University of Louisville, Chair
Mark Bernhard, North Carolina State University
Frank Principe, University of Maryland Global Campus
Ricky LaFosse, University of Michigan
George Irvine, University of Delaware
Stephanie Landregan, University of California, Los Angeles
Dinah Manns, Capella University
Wendy Eaton, Northeastern University
Abram Hedtke, St. Cloud State University
Debra Iles, Harvard University


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