Online Leadership & Strategy

Building your online strategy.

No sector of higher education has more potential for transforming an institution than online learning. UPCEA Consulting helps member institutions leverage online education as a critical strategic asset and serves as a valued resource for professional administrators charged with building and sustaining successful programs.

The UPCEA Center for Online Leadership focuses on the factors that are crucial to a successful online enterprise:

  • leadership,
  • strategy,
  • financial models,
  • marketing and program development,
  • student services, and
  • effective partnerships.
Ray Schroeder 2016 Summit

Founding Director Ray Schroeder is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading experts in online education. As both a faculty member and administrator, Schroeder brings both deep knowledge of and a passion for advancing the field of online education. He has been engaged in online learning since 1997, and has built a very successful program at the University of Illinois Springfield. Schroeder is well-known nationally as a leader in the field. He regularly publishes articles, book chapters, and the very popular daily Online Learning Update.

Check out Ray's biweekly blog - "Online: Trending Now"

For the latest thoughts on all things online education, Online: Trending Now  keeps UPCEA members up-to-date on the latest trends, updates, and happenings in online education.

Best practices for today's leaders in online education.


Ray Schroeder is available for onsite consultations and training sessions and can contract with your institution for a full year. UPCEA members receive discounted prices. Each 12-month consultation begins with a comprehensive review of online infrastructure, strategy, programs, services, etc. (sometimes this form of consultation requires a team of visitors that includes other content experts—adult professional continuing education, market analysis, etc.) and often includes three to four site visits to check progress and review initiatives and recommendations.


UPCEA offers on-site consulting and review of the seven facets of online leadership, outlined in its recently released UPCEA Hallmarks of Excellence in Online Leadership publication, the industry standard for strategic planning and leadership for top online education units, to help you:

Outline ideals, strategies and criteria for successful online programs
Achieve and exemplify the highest ideals and practices in online learning
Support and encourage faculty to create an exceptional online experience
Innovate and imagine while facilitating responsible change
Advocate and lead within your institution and beyond

Interested in more information and pricing for Center for Online Leadership consulting options? Call us at 202-659-3130.

“UPCEA’s Center for Online Leadership helps members answer mission critical questions and challenges related to distance learning in higher ed. I had firsthand experience with this when I brought my institution’s vision planning questions to Ray Schroeder. I learned so much in our free 30-minute Second Opinion conversation, and am excited to bring that knowledge back to my institution.”

Vice President, Online Learning & Continuing Education/CEO Berklee Online
Berklee College of Music