Predictions 2024
Insights for Online & Professional Education

The maturation of online learning, the explosion of AI, the continuing declines in enrollment, and the rise in the importance of ROI, for students and institutions – these are among the converging factors that are shaking up the status quo in higher education. Wait-and-see is no longer a viable strategy.


Explore what 2024 has in store for online and professional education, and use these 16 expert predictions to gain an understanding of what it means for you and your organization.

UPCEA Predictions 2024: Insights for Online & Professional Education

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Online and professional continuing education is poised to play a significant role in the recasting of higher education. Working side-by-side with the leaders and innovators in the space, our UPCEA experts are ideally positioned to bring clarity and understanding of the trends, issues and events driving disruption and change. UPCEA’s Predictions 2024: Insights for Online and Professional Education captures their insights to help you understand the impact on your organization and your career as you prepare for the year ahead.

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What's in the Report:

Explore 16 unique insights from 11 top experts in the online and professional education arena.

Predictions are organized within some of UPCEA’s key focus areas:

  • Leadership in Online Learning
  • Professional & Continuing Education
  • Alternative Credentials

Predictions Include:

  • More Campus Leaders Will Embrace Business Model Transformation to Spur Innovation in Serving Today’s Learners
  • Welcoming Online Learning to the Campus Leadership Table Becomes a Double-Edged Sword
  • Continuing and Professional Education Will Be the Entry Point for AI at Many Institutions
  • ‘Synthetic Human’ Technology Will Be Applied in Higher Ed, With the Potential to Enable Engaging ‘Student-to-Student’ Interaction in Self-Paced Online Classes
  • And more

Learn from UPCEA's experts about the trends and issues that will impact online and professional education units in 2024.

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